Iconic Dino Celebrates 50th Anniversary at Maranello

The Dino is a car, or rather a work of art, that added to the fabled automaker’s repertoire for beautiful pieces of automobiles in the highest echelons where artistry and machinery come together.

It is named after Enzo Ferrari’s son, Alfredo Ferrari, nicknamed Dino, who died of Duchene muscular dystrophy on June 30, 1956 at the young age of 24. Dino was widely credited for working on the curvaceous car’s six-cylinder engine before his untimely death.

It was created to be marketed as an affordable sports car capable of taking on the Porsche 911, as the V12s that Ferrari built – with their higher power and price –  were in another category altogether. Enzo Ferrari did not want to dilute his exclusive brand so the Dino was created.

The car was the stunning start to the mid-engined bloodline and continues today in the 488 Pista. It took Ferrari into the mainstream as the marque’s most popular model during the original’s time, which was sold between 1968 and 1974.

It was first presented as a prototype at the Paris Motor Show in October 1965 but was officially launched at the 1967 Turin Motor Show. Hence, one would ask why the anniversary didn’t take place last year.

The decision by Ferrari was that it would be overshadowed by Ferrari’s own 70th anniversary celebrations, hence the decision to celebrate based on another special event – the road debut of the first model in June 1968.


More than 150 Dinos and 300 customers from all over the world gathered at the Maranello Museum and then headed out to the Fiorano track for a parade around the Prancing Horse’s proving ground.

One Dino can cause a stir – just imagine 150 of them:

Image credit – www.motoringresearch.com; https://magazine.ferrari.com





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