Honda unveils Retro Hybrid. We say Build It!

Basing new technology upon classic designs is not a new trend. VW has been trying to perfect it for a number of years, with limited success. Now, though, Honda may have hit the nail on the head with its retro electric Honda Civic being shown off at the current Frankfurt Motorshow. As a concept car, there are a ton of features that seem to be more the flights of fantasy of the design department, most of which would definitely get killed by the bean counters in the accounts department, but for now they are there on the car.


Whilst many of the concepts shown at the big motor shows are more about grabbing headlines, according to Honda president, Takahiro Hachigo, the concept is not that far from reality and could be on European streets as early as 2019. Measuring in smaller than the Honda Jazz, the car will be targeted for city dwelling users, who have access to an electric point, we presume. There is not much other information on it, including the name, which for now seems to be Urban-EV.


Enjoy the pictures.

source: auto-motor-und-sport.d


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