Hey Dude, Where’s the Car?

Automologist MAC reports on an amusing lost car story from the UK…don’t laugh too loud; it could happen to you.

For some people, remembering where you parked the car seems to be one of life’s challenges. Countless times I have seen people aimlessly wandering around a multi-story carpark trying to remember where the heck they had gotten out of their car. Many car parks have now gone to the trouble of giving absentminded motorists hints and I regularly see people whipping out their smartphone to take a picture as an aide memoir.

A hapless driver of a BMW in the UK seems to have gone one step further after losing his car in a Manchester City parking lot for some six months. In a report carried by the Manchester Evening News, an unnamed motorist borrowed his friend’s BMW to drive from Scotland to Manchester to watch the Stone Roses in concert in June 2016.

The car was duly parked at a multi-story car park close to the Manchester City FC Etihad Stadium, from where the forgetful driver walked to the concert. After the event, he went to retrieve the vehicle but could not remember where he had left the vehicle. Apparently he spent the next five days searching the carparks in the area and after having made numerous calls to the local council, police and towing companies, the driver and owner called it quits and made a stolen vehicle report.

A mere six months later, Manchester Police noticed a rather forlorn and dusty BMW sitting apparently abandoned in a City Centre multi-story carpark. Of course the Police ran the plates and lo and behold the mystery of the disappearing BMW was solved and the car was reunited with the owner. I cannot imagine what the parking charges for a six-month stay in a carpark is but I am assuming that his forgetful friend will help him out.

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