Happy 45th, Michael. Get Well Soon.

Last Friday, on the 45th birthday of Michael Schumacher, fans of the 7-time Formula One World Champion gathered outside the University Hospital Center in Grenoble where the legendary racer remains comatose after a skiing accident.

It is ironic that a man who lived his life in the fast lane (quite literally) and had retired safely from the tracks in 2012 would meet with tragedy on the slopes instead. Schumacher had stumbled and hit a rock so hard that his helmet, which saved his life, split into 2.

The hospital’s chief neurosurgeon has confirmed that his condition has improved after surgery to alleviate pressure and remove bleeding from the brain. However, Schumacher is not yet out of danger.

His family calls him a fighter who will not give up. We think so too. Get well soon, Schumi.

image: news.yahoo.com

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