Gravity-defying car!

What looks like a strip of tarmac peeled off the ground and a gravity-defying vehicle clinging onto the end of it is actually an art installation titled “Pick Yourself Up and Pull Yourself Together”.

The illusion was created by using hidden sections of steel to support the curved road and to hold the car in place. The artist whose brainchild this is, Alex Chinneck, worked with a host of experts to make the sculpture possible – structural engineers, steel benders, metal workers, tarmac layers, carpenters, scenic artists and road painters.

Chinneck has a history of creating mind-bending installations. “I try to make everyday situations as extraordinary as they can be,” Chinneck said of the project. “I choose to do this through illusions because I think there is something both optimistic and captivating about defying the realms of possibility.”

Look at this amazing illusion! Would you dare to stand underneath it?

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