Grand Theft Auto in real life is a nightmare

In this rather disturbing dash-cam video that recorded what could have been a scene from Grand Theft Auto where you can go around knocking virtual people down without actually hurting anyone, the driver hits a pedestrian and, in a state of panic, drives off only to get into another slew of accidents.

With a cracked windscreen from the hit and run, the driver then bumps into the rear of a lightweight truck at a red light, then he/she runs over a scooter and its driver at yet another red light, before crashing into a saloon also waiting at the next traffic light. Watching the video made us cringe and shudder.

The timestamp on the video is 12 January 2015, and it appears to have occurred somewhere in a Chinese-speaking country (you can spot some Chinese characters along the roads). According to talk on Reddit, the driver was an elderly man in Taiwan on the way to the hospital to pick up his medication; he had panicked after hitting the pedestrian and simply lost control. We couldn’t find any information on whether the victims were badly injured or worse…

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