Godzilla Causes Traffic Chaos In Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur commuters were caught in a gridlocked capital yesterday as two sinkholes closed a major traffic junction in the city. Although we have written about sinkholes before (like the one in the Corvette museum) and we have written about traffic congestion before, our focus in this incident is more on the absolutely hilarious outpouring of satirical wit that the netizens amused themselves with as they awaited the congestion to ease.

One of our favourites shows Luis Suarez coming out of the ground, using his infamous bite to make the hole…typical:

Possibly the most popular and widely circulated image, though, is the one of Godzila exiting the hole:


Or this one:

“Opps! Wrong exit!”

Some of Godzilla’s other friends also made appearances, namely the Hulk and King Kong along with an odd assortment of Transformer-type characters:




One of our personal favourites from the superhero series has to be the one featuring Loki and Thor:

The image that perhaps has been attracting the most ridicule is the one of two Kuala Lumpur firemen who appeared to be trying to repair the sinkhole using good old-fashioned duct tape:

The miffed Fire & Rescue Department posted on their Facebook page: “…pita pelekat adalah untuk melihat perggerakan tanah & BUKAN UNTUK JADI BAHAN GELAK KETAWA ATAU GURAU SENDA!!!” (translated: …the duct tape is to determine soil movement and NOT TO BECOME THE BUTT OF JOKES!!!). Especially with three exclamation marks, we don’t think the F&R Department are as amused about the situation as the rest of the netizens are.

images: thestar.com.my,  veooz.com, hype.my

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