God Disagrees With Richard Hammond, As Porsches Go Up In Flames

Porsches are combusting and Automology’s writer, MAC, can’t wait for…the next instalment of Top Gear? Read on to find out why.

Whilst it is obvious that God agrees with Jeremy Clarkson, it is becoming apparent that Richard Hammond does not have nearly as much influence with the man upstairs as Porsche has recalled all of the 2014 911 GT3 supercars to replace the engines after three of its vehicles caught fire.

Richard ‘Hamster’ Hammond, one of the presenters of BBC TV’s Top Gear programme, recently wrote of his love for his own GT3 saying, “It was so good I had to buy one myself.” I can’t wait until the next instalment of Top Gear; I am absolutely sure that Clarkson will absolutely roast the Hamster even if his beloved super car hasn’t already achieved this, particularly after he made the fateful comment: “There are no bad points about this car.” Opps!

The problem with the engine is considered so critical that Porsche has advised all owners of the GT3 to stop driving the car because of the spontaneous combustion risk. There have only been under 800 of the 2014 911 GT3s delivered and half of these went to the USA, but there are thought to be more than 1000 more ready for delivery that have been put on hold.

Porsche AG issued a press release, stating:

“Sports car manufacturer Porsche will be replacing the engines of all 911 GT3 vehicles of model year 2014. This is the corrective action derived from intensive internal analyses that were initiated in response to two engine fires. Meanwhile, it has been confirmed that engine damage resulted from a loosened screw joint on the connecting rod. The loose connecting rod damaged the crankcase, which in both cases led to leakage of oil which then ignited.

After becoming aware of the two accident cases, Porsche promptly took action to avoid any risk to customers by advising them to cease using the affected 785 vehicles until further notice and have them picked up by a Porsche Centre. Now, engines with optimised screw fittings will be used in all Porsche 911 GT3 vehicles of model year 2014 – including in those that have not been delivered yet. The relevant Porsche Centres are in direct communication with customers worldwide to discuss the further course of action.

Porsche points out that no other 911 models or other model series are affected by this action.”

What the GT3 looks like when it is NOT engulfed in flames

The GT3 went on sale in the middle of last year and is the sportiest of the 911 variants, often finding use as a track day car. It is a pretty extreme version of the iconic sportster with little of the comforts you may expect for the price tag. The car, though, is really a road-legal race car with a 0 to 100km/h time of 3.5 seconds and a top speed of 310km/h. The cost of the vehicle is quoted as USD131 000 in the USA but as much as USD191 000 in the UK. Similar to Mercedes, you need to sign a contract with Porsche before buying a car in the United States of Americaland, agreeing that you will not export the car. I wonder why there is such a price disparity between the two regions; can someone let me know, please?

image: auto.yahoo.com, caranddriver.com

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