Formula 1 Driver Wanted

We might be losing our Automologist MAC as he vies for his dream job… 

Do you want to be a Formula One driver and think you have the right stuff to make the grade? Would you like to drive a really, really expensive car exceedingly quickly? Well, do we have the situations vacant advert for you then.

Following the exit of World Champion Nico Rosberg from the Mercedes’ Formula 1 team, a job advert has appeared in the UK’s Autosport Magazine advertising for a replacement driver. The notice, in the same format as the normal adverts in that publication, was very much a spoof by Mercedes and for the amusement of the readers, rather than a serious advert though.

It is very unlikely that the team that has three successive Constructor’s Title’s and World Champions would have to advertise what is undoubtedly the hottest seat in motorsports at the moment, and bookmakers have the 22-years-old reserve driver, Pascal Wehrlein, from Germany as the odds-on favourite, particularly after Toto Wolf, Mercedes Team Boss, announced that he was willing to make a brave choice.

Still, I liked the bit in the advert where they talk about the required skillset: “Ideally you will have a proven track record in skills including steering, braking and in particular, accelerating”. Must rush as I want to get my application into the post.

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