Ford’s Autonomous Police Car that Issues Tickets and CHASES You

It seems that Ford is considering the possibility of a police car that is not only a car, but also a police officer in AI form.

A patent has been filled by the American automaker and it details the system for an autonomous police vehicle. The vehicle would be able to—by itself or with the help of surveillance cameras and other external detection systems—detect other vehicles performing road violations, and then capture its license plate, issue summons or pursue the vehicle. As it is in pursuit, it can also control the roadside cameras to get a better view of the license plate. HOLY SH*T. Imagine a ghost police car chasing you after you run that red light; if that doesn’t keep you on the right side of the law, we don’t know what will.

Ford’s patent filing states that the police vehicle would be able to determine whether the civilian vehicle’s action is deemed as breaking the law, and thus warrants a warning or citation, and then informs the driver accordingly. So, this future that Ford imagines has some sort of vehicle-to-vehicle communication system that is adopted by all vehicles.

The patent also details a system which the law-violating vehicle tells on its driver. When the police vehicle transmits a signal to the offending vehicle, it may in turn respond with information about the vehicle and registered owner, which the police car may use to determine its next action: whether a warning, a fine or to let it go.

But this doesn’t mean that there will no longer be a place for police officers in this future scenario. The patent takes into consideration the need for the police officer to take control of the vehicle or make use of the vehicle’s connectivity to databases to access information. The patent also states “routine police tasks…can be automated so that human police officers can perform tasks that cannot be automated”.

Here’s the patent filing, if reading patents is your sort of thing.

Would you prefer a Robocop meets Christine vehicle policing the roads?

Another good thing to come out of having autonomous police cars, at least in Malaysia, is that giving duit kopi (a bribe) to a police officer would no longer be possible. Oh wait, for many of our readers, this might not be a good thing. Sorry (not sorry), guys…

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