Ford develops new Bronco in Asia-Pacific


To most Americanlanders, the Ford Bronco is the most iconic of off-road vehicles. So much so that the mere hint that the vehicle would not be built in the US of A during the recent US election brought the full brunt of the Trump rhetoric down upon the inhabitants of Dearborn, the home of Ford, in Michigan.

Ford CEO, Mark Fields, has already confirmed that the assembly line in Michigan will be making Ford’s bestselling Ranger pick-up truck for the foreseeable future, and now it would seem that the plant would be responsible for the manufacturing of the all-new Ford Bronco as well. The Bronco will be developed around the Ford T6 platform, the same as that for the new Ranger and Everest models, which was developed in Australia. Therefore, it makes sense that the new Bronco will have the same Asia-Pacific heritage, a theory that seems to be holding true as spy images of Bronco’s emerge from around the Ford Asia-Pacific Development Centre in Australia.

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