Five Things You SHOULD NOT Do On A Motorcycle

Motorcycling is the best activity out there and there is a cool factor to it, besides the benefits of time- and money-saving in commuting. But all motorcyclists should bear in mind that they are not the only ones on the road. Here are five things one should never do on a motorcycle:

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Physicists say speed is relative, and that is true when you are riding a motorcycle.

Putting along at 60 km/h on the track will earn you the black flag but that speed is fine on most occasions on the road. On the other hand, averaging 160 km/h on the track is correct, but it is downright suicidal in traffic.

Remember to ride accordingly in any given situation and not earn the ire of people around you.

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Let’s face it – riding is already risky enough. Drinking clouds your judgment even further. There are no second chances when you ride. Drunk-driving is the leading cause of death in many countries, including in Thailand during the Phuket Bike Week. Drinking and riding just do not mix.

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Showing off is for dweebs. Or “squids”, as they are commonly known. Riding a motorcycle is a wonderful experience all by itself and let us do it in a positive and responsible manner on the streets. Blasting past the public on the rear wheel will just paint all motorcyclists as menaces of the road. This is not to say that one should not let loose every once in a while, however there is a place for that and it is called the racetrack.

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As in, riding beyond your limits. Please do not say that this only happens to newbies: it happens to veterans, too. Yes, while it is true that discovering the motorcycle’s and your limits is what makes this sport fun, you should not attempt to push your luck all the time, especially not on public roads.

The racetrack offers the best venue for testing limits, which takes only a few laps to discover. Needless to say, the racetrack is a controlled environment, devoid of that nerd driving his mum’s Vios, the guy who had to discuss his multi-million project on his mobile phone while driving, drivers with a peculiar debilitation which prevents their fingers from reaching for the turn signal switch, the pedestrian who crosses the road thinking he is Iron Man, the chicken which just has to cross the road, and other motorcyclists who are rushing to their wedding (with the Grim Reaper).

Motorcycle accident – Image credit: Motorcycle Passion YouTube Channel.



Yes, you get plenty of admiring stares, especially if you are riding a hot-looking bike. It is just like when you are dating an awesomely gorgeous model. But that does not mean you should show off. (When riding, that is. Showing off your hot date is natural.)

Having a runaway ego on a bike will just turn you into ground meat sooner or later because some truck driver (as an example) may find your attitude a little too obnoxious and run you down. Or, you could get shot, in some countries.

Stay humble and enjoy riding for many, many years to come.

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