Ferrari’s New Comic ‘We Race’ Takes Place in Post-Apocalyptic World

The Ferrari brand has expanded to countless products—theme parks, watches, fragrances, sportswear, apparel, and more—and everyone wants to be associated with the illustrious brand.

Ferrari’s latest venture is something entirely new: a web comic. Fans and motorsport enthusiasts in general can now follow the comic series, which is set in the distant future when, despite some harsh conditions, racing lives on.

Illustrator Riccardo Burchielli and scriptwriter Giulio Gualtieri take readers into a distant future where something awful has happened on Earth. In spite of the disastrous events, motorsports has persevered. Image credits – via

The story revolves around the Formula New series and several main characters, as the Red Racing team aims to take down Stargazer. Adding weight to the series is the addition of a backing soundtrack that comes with every page, which totally immerse readers in this post-apocalyptic world.

It’s extremely interesting to see what lengths manufacturers take to create a connection with its fans. Good job, Ferrari.

Hit this link to follow We Race.

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