Extreme Performance despite Extreme Weather, Thanks to X-1R

The famous Motor Racing Circuit Bathurst in New South Wales, Australia was overcast with rainclouds during the Festival of Motorsport. Burg Design, one of Australia’s oldest distributors of automotive products – including X-1R’s range of performance products – was on hand to provide support for many of the racecars. Indeed, many of them (the cars) sported little X-1R stickers on their front bumpers as they sped around the 3.861-mile track.

Wet conditions at the notoriously difficult and dangerous circuit – once referred to as the “Blue Hell” by Maro Engel – posed an incredible challenge for the drivers. #81 (pictured above), driven by Colin Anderson of Melbourne, Victoria, gave a standout performance despite the unfavourable track conditions. According to Ray Graham, Managing Director of Burg Design, on top of Anderson’s skilled handling of the Porsche 944 Turbo, credit was greatly due to X-1R’s Engine Treatment and Manual Transmission Treatment.

The X-1R Engine keeps the engine in tip-top condition, reduces friction and operating temperature, thus greatly improving overall performance, whereas the X-1R Manual Transmission Treatment ensures smooth shifting despite being subjected to extreme temperature and pressure; used together, these unique formulations helped the Porsche 944 run at peak performance.

Unfortunately, the deluge caused the race to be cancelled halfway, for safety reasons, but we saw what X-1R’s range of products can do for cars which have to sometimes race in unpredictable and severe conditions, and #81 will thus live to race another day.

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