Eternal City to Ban Diesel-Powered Vehicles by 2024, says Mayor

The Eternal City, also known as Rome, has plans to ban diesel-powered vehicles in six years’ time. Recently, Germany’s court ruled that its cities are allowed to ban heavy polluting diesel cars.

The mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi says, “Rome has decided to ban the use of diesel cars.”.Image credit –

Rome’s mayor, Virginia Raggi, annnounced: “Rome has decided to ban the use of diesel cars from its historical center from 2024.”

Similar steps are being taken by many countries that are looking to phase out the combustion engine and replace them with electric vehicles in the future. Apart from the reported health issues, it is also damaging the city’s stunning monuments.

City officials tried numerous ways to reduce the damage on its statues and buildings—like allowing cars with number plates ending in odd and even numbers on the roads on alternate days—but it apparently is not enough.

Rome estimates that 3,600 monuments are at risk of damage from diesel pollution, and something had to be done—eg. banning diesel outright. Image credit – Glyn Thomas / Alamy/Alamy

Commuters blame the poor public transport hence the need to drive. This should be taken into account by developing countries to address future pollution and traffic issues, by using Rome as a barometer for foreseeable challenges.

With 1.8 million vehicles sold in Italy last year, nearly two-thirds of them were diesel, according to industry numbers. And as Rome has no major industries, the pollution is predominantly caused by motor vehicles, unlike the highly industrialized Milan up north.

Apart from Mayor Raggi’s declaration, she has also stated that Rome will plant 90,000 trees, which helps provide cleaner air for its citizens and millions of visitors.

We believe Roman officials are adhering to the words of Renaissance painter, Giotto di Bondone, who said, “Rome is the city of echoes, the city of illusions, and the city of yearning.”

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