Elon Musk is an Alien!

Conspiracy theorist…opps…we mean, Automologist MAC thinks that he has uncovered Elon Musk’s true identity.
Just this week, a report carried by most of the world’s press quoted Elon Musk, the founder of various things including Tesla and Space X, as suggesting that the Earth is just a simulation from some alien’s video game. Of course this has led me to surmise that he said this because he is indeed one of those aliens playing the game.
Readers of this blog will know that I am a follower of Elon and of course his rather quirky quotes, but this one really got me thinking as I waited for the kettle to boil this morning, and the slower the space-time continuum seemed to move, the more it made perfect sense – and that Elon has been placed here from some alien world to save us all.
Let’s face it – Space X is just a front for him to be able to jaunt back home on the odd occasion that he wants to without raising undue suspicion. Why else would he want to be able to design rockets that can leave this wonderful green rock that we call earth if not to get back to his home.
Then there was his desire to drop thermonuclear bombs over the Martian poles in an attempt to warm the planet enough to make it hospitable. Bah humbug! Why would you lobe nukes at an innocent planet unless you had some sort of grudge against the place and wanted some unwitting clowns (ie. Humans) to take the blame for destroying it.
Methinks he doth deny too much.

Elon has famously said in the past that with or without NASA, his SpaceX ships will get people to Mars by 2026 where he allegedly would be happy to die.

Of course there is also the case of the Tesla Car. Who in their right mind would pour billions of their own money into a business venture to produce electric cars when EV’s only account for about 0.1% of the world car market. But the list goes on. There is the Tesla Autopilot that is obviously too advanced for us mere humans to deal with and just what is in those Powerwalls that he has been planning. How about the need for a Bioweapon defence feature in the Tesla or his apparent fear of Artificial Intelligence (AI).
Okay, then there is the Hyperloop. Not a new idea, you may say, but no one seemed to be that interested in it until Elon gave us a few pointers on how it could be done right. But perhaps the most damning evidence is from his ex-wife who affectionately calls him Cyborg. Coincidence, I think not!
Waiting to go home?
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