Dyson Blows into the World of Cars

Dyson, the company more known for its energy-efficient and innovative vacuum cleaners and hand dryers, has announced its plans to build its very own electric car, and Sir James Dyson promises it is going to be a radical one at that. According to the press launch pack, he already has some 400 engineers working on the project at the Dyson HQ in Malmesbury, Wiltshire, and a budget of 2 billion Pounds.

Will Sir James Dyson produce a clean car?

source: businessinsider.nl

The battery-powered offering will be visible in 2020, even though there is no prototype yet, nor factory. Heck, the factory site has not even been chosen yet. None of this seems to worry Sir James, the engineering wiz who founded the company, who announced that all of the specs are being kept secret at the moment, as competition for new technology in the automotive industry is fierce and thus confidentiality is of the essence.

Dyson currently manufactures most of its products in Malaysia, and has done so since 2002, so it is a fair bet that whilst the car may be developed and engineered in the UK, it is more likely to be manufactured in Asia, although the lack of battery-manufacturing here may present a problem. Dyson says he has been concerned about air pollution ever since he appeared on a popular British children’s program called Blue Peter in the 1990’s to demonstrate how his cyclone from the Dyson vacuum would clean soot from a diesel’s exhaust.

Now, though, he wants to enter into a market that is growing more crowded by the day. The likes of VW’s I.D., Jaguar’s Ipace, Porsche’s Mission E, Mercedes’ EQ range and Tesla, not to mention Google and a host of autonomous mobility companies, all have big plans for the BEV segment of the market. Dyson has had good vision in the past and he clearly sees an opportunity with this one, as prices come down, charging stations increase, and consumers get over the range anxiety to actually go out and buy one.

The big question here, though, is can Dyson muscle into the game and take territory from the major manufacturers, in the same way that Tesla has tried to do over the past few years. Perhaps the only way to be successful is to take a page out of Tesla’s playbook and move the goal posts, and change people’s perception of what an electric car should be,  then he can make a go of it, but we bet it will be a lot more difficult than getting people to pay over the odds for a vacuum cleaner.

Our friends over at another blog site think the car will look something like this.

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