Dutch driver misses the Gap

You have seen it time and time again in Hollywood blockbusters where the bridge starts to open and the speeding car jumps the gap and lands safely on the other side, thus escaping death and destruction. Well, let us tell you – accelerating over gaps in bridges only works in action movies, as a hapless driver in Holland found out when he tired it and inadvertently ended up in the river below. Luckily for us, CCTV footage captures the car speeding towards a closing gap in the middle of a bridge in Bruinisse, as the structure was protracting after allowing a ship through.

Unfortunately, when it made the bridge, the gap was still too wide and the speed of the vehicle too slow for the vehicle to safely jump the gap, and the car smashed into the end of the retracting bridge before falling into the water.

Incredibly and perhaps because of a bit of divine intervention, the man was not seriously hurt in the incident. According to local police, he swam out of the car himself and only sustained injuries after slipping while trying to climb out of the water onto a concrete ledge, suffering broken ribs and a punctured lung, which really does add insult to injury.

The unidentified man was rescued by a passing boat and taken to hospital. Meanwhile, the car was also pulled out of the water. Dutch Police are in the process of investigating the incident. Looks like a bit of an open-and-close case to us…

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