Drifting while in a virtual reality

Castrol says that this ad is not just a clever piece of editing and CGI, but completely legit. Matt Powers (what an awesome name) is put through a trial like no other when he puts on a virtual reality helmet while driving a Ford Mustang that exists very much in THIS reality.

From Powers’ point of view, he is racing through some kind of post-apocalyptic obsidian world where stalagmites burst forth and the ground move and fall away at random. He has to rely on all his training, skill and instincts to maneuver the vehicle through the treacherous virtual obstacle course, as if his life depended on it. Seriously, someone could get a heart attack from this.


Even if what he saw was all just virtual reality, Powers was basically driving and doing donuts while blind in the real world (albeit in some empty airport runway). The idea of merging virtual reality and gaming and driving an actual car needs to looked into NOW.

So, what was Castrol trying to promote with this ad again? We got distracted.

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