Does God approve of the electric skateboard?

We did say that personal mobility gadget is one of the biggest/top trending automotive news of 2015, and this one takes the cake. One of these gadgets has even made its way into hallowed ground. The video of a priest in the Philippines offering a song of worship during Christmas Eve mass while gliding up and down the church aisles on an IO Hawk or similar device (the actual model is unknown) has already gone viral.

The congregation appears to approve, laughing and applauding at intervals at the priest’s gimmicky but (we like to believe) well-meaning performance. But not so the Diocese of San Pablo, who said that “That was wrong”.

“The Eucharist demands utmost respect and reverence. It is the Church’s highest form of worship, not a personal celebration where one can capriciously introduce something to get attention,” the statement goes.

Reactions have been mixed, of course. Some are commenting that it was disrespectful and inappropriate while others lauded him for trying to inject some fun and draw more people to attend mass. We almost wish that he had a longer robe that covered the “electric skateboard” – a flying priest would be so much more entertaining and might even get us to attend church.

We are truly sorry to hear that the priest has been suspended, but it does bring up the question of safety and restrictions. Where should or shouldn’t people be allowed to use their personal mobility gadgets? When this becomes a part of daily personal transportation, should riders use the bicycle lane or the pedestrian path? Should it be restricted to the outdoors and never inside public buildings like malls and offices? Should we now start testing for crash safety, as we do with conventional vehicles?

It will probably take a serious injury or even death by personal mobility gadget before these questions are seriously considered. Meanwhile, though, enjoy:

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