CreativeSparx is X-1R Asia-Pac Distributor of the Year again

CreativeSparx, Inc. (CSI), the exclusive Philippine distributor of X-1R products, has bagged the 2015 X-1R Asia Pacific Distributor of the Year award, besting 33 other countries in the region. This is the second year in a row that CSI has won this award.

This award is given to the X-1R Country Distributor that has attained the highest accumulated rating in: Sales Performance and Growth; Industry Penetration Index; Competitive Excellence; Marketing Effectiveness and Management Efficiency.

Being one of the smallest automotive markets and among the least motorised country in the Asia-Pacific region, it has been hard for the Philippines to contend with its more advanced neighbours. However, it has been one of the fastest growing markets for passenger and commercial vehicles in the last five years, growing at an average rate of 20% a year, whilst its ASEAN neighbours has been experiencing sluggish growth. This growth momentum is what CSI has used to its advantage.

CSI’s 2015 sales performance was phenomenal, at about 60% over its already sterling sales performance in 2014. The CSI Sales and Marketing Team, headed by its President, Brixton Aw, is the most aggressive and highly motivated team in the region. CSI’s Industry Penetration Index – the ratio of total X-1R products sold in proportion to total cars sold for the year – is also the highest in the region. This is due to the fact that X-1R is now carried by about 70% of all franchised car dealers in the Philippines. In fact, X-1R is now the leading value-adding product and incremental revenue generator in the Philippine automotive industry.

CSI’s marketing effectiveness placed the company ahead of all its competitors. CSI has a lean organisation that is remarkably efficient. The combination of the brilliant marketing mind of Brixton and the financial acumen of his sister, Bernice, under the guidance of their mother, Betty, made the overall management efficiency of the company the envy of many.

Nigel Mckenzie, Global CEO of X-1R Global Ltd, personally awarded the Trophy to the CSI Team. We join X-1R in congratulating CSI for its remarkable success.

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