Crazy Frenchman does 333kph on a bicycle

This month saw a new world record set for the fastest bicycle ever when crazy Frenchman, Francois Gissy, managed to hold onto his bike as it powered to a white-knuckled, jaw-dropping top speed of 333 kilometres per hour.

But more than that, he got up to the top speed in just 4.8 seconds, which is more than ten seconds faster than the Venom GT, the current holder of the coveted ‘fastest production car in the world’ title, did.

Okay, we admit that Gissy’s push-bike is not your standard run-of-the-mill offering that you may catch Boris Johnson cycling to the Mayor’s office in. It is in fact powered by a hydrogen peroxide rocket system in which the peroxide reacts with metals in the ‘combustion’ chamber, resulting in a very large amount of ‘go!’

In fact, once you light the blue touchpaper, the rocket produces a total of 560bhp which is enough to produce 19G’s of acceleration. The lightweight bike and Gissy then disappear over the horizon, or in this case, down the straight of the Paul Ricard circuit trailing the accompanying Ferrari in its wake.

Check out the video, and Gissy’s amazing hair style in the video below. Never have the words “hold on tight” been so true.

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