‘Cow’ Tipping The Urbanites’ Way

Guest contributor, RICK, reports on a new automotive ‘sport’, reminiscent of a legendary rural pastime.

Last week, in San Francisco where eccentricity is not uncommon, Smart Cars were found flipped over on their sides, headlights or rear bumpers. Witnesses report seeing a mysterious gang of six to seven car-tippers, who had their faces shrouded in hoods. With no leads, the authorities are at a loss as to how to track the vandals or as to their motives.

While I can imagine the horror of finding my car in this state, the upended vehicles are rather comical to behold.

It reminds me of a scene from Cars, when the ‘country car’ Mater taught the ‘city car’ Lightning McQueen the sport of tractor tipping. They tipped the entire ‘herd’ until an angry ‘bull’ was awoken and chased them across the field.

The cartoon may make light of the situation, but in reality, the vehicles suffer significant damages; broken windows, dents and scratches, and the cost of hiring a tow truck to right the vehicle again make this an expensive prank.

According to San Jose Mercury News, Smart Car tipping was first reported a few years ago, initiated by Dutch teens who took to rolling the two-seaters into Amsterdam canals. The sport then made its way to Canada in 2009, where vandals caught can be jailed between two to 10 years.

Here is what an authentic tipped cow looks like. Do you see the resemblance?

images: superiorpics.com, trbimg.co, wikipedia.com

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