Clarkson has named the Baby

Here’s what Automologist MAC thinks of the name of Clarkson’s new gig…

Jeremy Clarkson, along with his side-kicks James May and Richard Hammond, has finally named their new Amazon Prime show and it will become known as “The Grand Tour” or “GT” for short (geddit?).

According to a statement released by Amazon and attributed to Clarkson, the dynamic trio, and of course their production crew entourage, will be travelling to a different country for each episode where they will host the show from a tent, and I am betting it will be somewhat bigger than the one I used in the back garden as a kid. Of course the idea that they will be on a grand tour (and hopefully not a Swan Song) inspired the name of the show.

The Grand Tour will follow a similar format to Top Gear, with location-shot films interspersed with live studio scenes with audience. Members of the audience will be able to travel with Clarkson et al. to the different places and be housed in the tent.

In the future, Amazon will announce plans on how Amazon customers will have a chance to win tickets to the travelling show. I think that they missed a trick though; back in the old days, a travelling show in a tent was called a circus. Good job none of them are named Barnum or Bailey then.

James May on a bad hair day.


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