Clarkson becomes the Joke for April Fools’ Day

The race for his successor hots up!

It’s April Fools’ Day and our astute Automologist, MAC, was quick to spot the joke played by one popular British newspaper.

I think I spotted the Guardian’s April Fools’ joke straight away this year when I read the headline: “Jeremy Clarkson joins Guardian drive for fossil fuel divestment”. There was a picture of my erstwhile hero peddling his bike along a London street, along with an article that seems to indicate that Mr Clarkson has had an epiphany after his recent dust-up on a patio in Yorkshire that saw him lose his very lucrative gig on BBC’s Top Gear Programme. I am sure that Mr Clarkson will reinvent himself at some stage but I very much doubt that it will be as some form of eco-warrior bent on saving humanity from itself; so it is safe to say that the Guardian didn’t fool me.

There has been no end of spoofs of Mr Clarkson – the above cartoon is from a popular Facebook site, Jim’ll Paint It, that regularly satirizes the rich, famous and stupid. However, there has also been much speculation on who will replace Mr. Clarkson on Top Gear and, perhaps surprisingly, one of the front runners being none other than Rowan Atkinson (aka Mr Bean). Atkinson is an enthusiastic driver and raconteur of note, but at sixty he may not really fit the profile despite holding the record for being the fastest in the ‘averagely priced car’ segment of the Top Gear show.

In the hazy smoke that is being generated from the spinning tyre’s leaving the Top Gear staff parking lot, and added to the rumours that James May and Richard Hammond may also call it quits, it seems that if you are even marginally famous you may well be linked to the vacant post (or is it posts?). Obvious contenders would be Tiff Needell of the Fifth Gear show, who previously presented on Top Gear, or Vicki Butler-Henderson, also a current host of Fifth Gear. Also in the frame are comedian, Steve Coogan, and renowned Ferrari collector, Chris Evans, although he seems to ruling himself out.

My personal favourite would probably be supermodel Jodie Kitt, who recently told The Express that: “I’ve always liked everything High Octane.” Another suitable candidate would be Suzy Perry, the BBC’s F1 and MotoGP commentator who was once interviewed for the job but turned it down as she thought she wasn’t suitable.

However, the next Jeremy Clarkson may actually be Jeremy Clarkson! This may be the wildest rumour of all and it came from the BBC News. Network creative director, Alan Yentob, suggests that Clarkson’s replacement could be none other than Jeremy Clarkson – at least eventually. “Of course I wouldn’t rule that out, but that’s not for now,” he said, talking about the possible return. The Top Gear website is trying to calm things down a little. They are keen to remind the viewing public that this will NOT be the end for the world’s most popular motoring show and whilst they do not speculate on who the new hosts will be, they are actively reminding everybody that the current trio of loveable buffoons started on the show in 2003 whilst the show itself started its life back in the 70’s.

BBC, I think you are missing the point a little. Before Clarkson, May and Hammond, the show was an also-ran, but the naughty boy antics made it a blockbuster and it is the chemistry that will be hard to replace.

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