Bus Fleet Saves 15% On Fuel After Using X-1R

The wheels on the bus go round and round, only now they do it with a lot less fuel after JAM Liner of Manila, Philippines, announced that they had achieved fuel savings of up to 15.5% after simply treating their vehicles with a revolutionary additive called X-1R. A spokesperson for JAM Liner, one of the largest commercial bus fleet operators in the country, said that it had concluded the system test on fuel efficiency savings and was proud to announce that X-1R additives had proven to be the most effective fuel saving product available in the country, after their findings proved between 13.3% to 15.5% savings were achievable.

Jerry Quizon, the VP for Service and Maintenance, said that he was very pleased that the test had proven that a simple solution can sometimes prove the best, as there is no need to modify the vehicles in any way to utilise the X-1R range of products. Currently, JAM Liner operates over 400 vehicles that use more than 1.2 million litres of fuel per month or 15 million litres per year. With the improvement in efficiency, JAM expects to save at least 10% of this and, therefore, add over USD1.4 million straight to their bottom line.

The testing was overseen by Richard Marquez and utilised a 5-hour stationary test protocol, followed by a month-long field trial on multiple buses. Marquez, who is an Engineering Consultant to the bus company, was said to be astounded by the 13% to 15% savings achieved and was quick to recommend the system-wide application of X-1R to all vehicles owned by the company.

The Country Manager for X-1R in the Philippines, Harold Ledda, was equally quick to point out that the bus company was already experiencing fewer mechanical breakdowns since applying X-1R to the fleet and hoped that other bus companies would soon follow suit in adopting X-1R into their preventative maintenance and economy drives.

JAM Liner carries some 15 million passengers annually around the island nation of the Philippines and has been at the forefront of commuter transportation in the country, where they are the major feeder for the new Philippines Navigational Highway Roll-On Roll-Off ferries between the many islands that make up the nation.

In USA, the benefits of X-1R have also been discovered where apart from the financial gains achieved by using less fuel, there has been a significant reduction in exhaust emissions from bus fleets across the States.

X-1R was originally developed for use in NASA’s Space Shuttle programme and has gone on to develop a range of products designed to reduce friction in any combustion engine. These products are available in about 52 countries worldwide. For more information visit www.x1rasia.com.

images: jam.com.ph

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