Bringing Home the Tuna

Fishing fleet proves the ability of X-1R. 

Frabelle Shipping, the Philippines’ largest fishing company with a fleet of more than 90 fishing vessels, supported by at least five ‘school-of-fish pointer’ helicopters and about 5000 well-trained people on board these vessels, has tried using the X-1R Engine Treatment and X-1R Diesel Treatment on some of their vessels’ engines and they are impressed. So impressed, in fact, that they will be adopting X-1R as an integral part of their planned preventative maintenance programme.

Frabelle operates in the rich fishing grounds of southern Philippines and Papua New Guinea, an area that is as famous for its fish as it is for the typhoon weather conditions that often plague the seas here. Bobby Alfafara, President of Operations, who is also an experienced engineer, claims that by using X-1R the ships have additional power whilst running cooler and using less diesel, all leading to reduced operating costs for the shipping company. Alfafara said, “Frabelle Ships need to be in tip-top condition. The addition of X-1R to the preventative maintenance programme will help avoid breakdowns and increase efficiency.”

The Philippines is one of the world’s largest suppliers of fresh tuna and Japan is its largest market. “Vital to a successful fishing operations are properly maintained ships. You can’t afford ship breakdowns on the high seas,” says Franie Tiu Laurel, Frabelle’s President and CEO “We need extra horsepower for our vessels’ engines especially when a school of fish is pointed.”

“This need for additional power in engines is one of the major benefits of X-1R Performance Products,” says Harold Ledda, X-1R Country Manager for the Philippines.

image: Frabelle

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