Bridgestone To Manufacture Polyurethane Foam In Mexico

At the ‘truss-raising’ ceremony: Miguel Marquez Marquez, Govenor of State of Guanajuato (fifth from right), Lorenzo Licea Rojas, President of City of Apaseo El Grande (sixth from right), Teruo Iwai, President of Bridgestone Automotive Products de Mexico (seventh from right)

Bridgestone has chosen Guanajuato, Mexico to build its new plant in order to meet increasing demand in automobile production. The location was selected due to it strategic geographical location and forecasted growth in domestic demand.

On 29 May 2014, Bridgestone raised the first truss of the plant which, when completed, will have the capacity to manufacture polyurethane foam for the seats of approximately 360,000 vehicles and create 100 jobs by 2017. Bridgestone says that it will continue to enhance its global product supply system to enhance delivery and quality of products to their customers.

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