Bridgestone Advances In Asia

The Thailand Car of the Year Award has once again bestowed the “Best Selling Tyre” Award to Bridgestone, making it the sixteenth time that the Japanese tyre manufacturer has received the title. The annual event is organised by both governmental and private parties to promote the Thai automotive industry and acknowledge the players who had contributed to growing the industry.

Meanwhile, Bridgestone continues its contribution to Asia by expanding its motorsports participation to a new motorcycle racing series. The Shell Advance Asia Talent Cup’s inaugural season began in Qatar last month and will stop over in Indonesia, China, Japan and Malaysia in the upcoming months. Bridgestone is the official and sole tyre supplier for this series. The competition’s objective is to stimulate healthy racing interest and competitions in the Asian region, and to discover and educate young riding enthusiasts.

Read the official press releases from Bridgestone at the following links:

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