Benny Hill couldn’t have written it better

Most of us have done it – pulled up to the gas pump only to realise that the filler cap is on the other side of the vehicle, and had to do the walk of shame back to the driver’s seat so you can reposition the vehicle.

A lot of manufacturers have taken the guess work out of it by placing a small arrow next to the petrol pump on the fuel gauge that indicates which side of the vehicle the filler cap is on. Now, that is an awesome little life hack right there.

Sad to say that not everyone got the memo or reads Automology. The poor lady in the following clip is one of those and is truly having one of those days. In vain she tries to position her car correctly but time after time, she fails. Truly we feel for her but it still made us chuckle. Was she missing her morning coffee?

View the video below and feel free to share it amongst your friends to hopefully brighten up their day a little.

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