Audi’s Vision GT E-Tron Concept Comes to Life. It’s an 815hp Electric Monster!

Automologist ATHERTON likes Audi’s new electric beast more than just a little. 

Combine Audi’s ultra-iconic 90 IMSA GTOs from 1989 and its latest Formula E electric tech, and this is what you get. The correct term for it – spellbounding.

It looks like it has jumped out straight from the game itself and we’re sure fans are thrilled that the chaps from Ingolstadt has brought its Vision GT concept to real life. It won’t be paraded around showrooms and trade events but it’s a real workhorse that will be used as a ‘race taxi’ at Formula E events.

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The fully electric, muscular work of art will – after five years and 27 cars – make its public debut at the Rome E-Prix this weekend.

It weighs just 1450kg. Three electric motors put out 220kW — two units powering the rear axle and one powering the front — and it will crank out a massive 815bhp!

The forefather – Audi 90 Quattro IMSA GTO. Image credit –

0 to 62mph is ‘less than 2.5 seconds’. With its specially developed Quattro four-wheel drive system and 50:50 weight distribution, this car flies on straights and carves out corners like, pardon the cliché,a knife through butter.

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An aggressive looking machine with low, wide and high sides plus a low roofline, it’s really captivating to look at.

Audi has just left its competitors with their mouths agape. I know I was.

Here’s a sneak peek :

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