Aston Martin Returns to Historic Site

Aston Martin announced that it has returned to the company’s historic Newport Pagnell site, which is a key part of its ‘Second Century Plan’. The ‘plan’ includes getting the company back on a sustainable footing while boosting output, speeding up new model launches and moving into new sectors.

The production facility at Newport Pagnell has commenced building new cars for Aston Martin. It previously functioned as Aston Martin Works, a hub for heritage sales, service, spares and restoration operation, with countless Aston Martins restored to their former glory by the company’s highly skilled team.

Aston Martin started making cars there in 1958 with the DB4 and over the years, before it ceased operations in 2007, built 13,000 cars at the site. This return to its “spiritual home” brings back a fresh positive vibe to the marque’s brand.

Its purpose-built headquarters and top-notch production facility in Gaydon, which the company moved into in 2003, will continue to serve as a main focal point.

To mark the milestone, a special run of 25 DB4 G.T Continuation cars are being built at Newport Pagnell, the same site that produced the original DB4 G.T.s. Some of the track-only lightweight specification cars have already been delivered to their buyers. Each car takes about 4,500 man hours to build, and the remaining cars are slated to be completed and delivered the next year.

“For more than half a century Newport Pagnell was the heart of Aston Martin. Thanks to the efforts of those at Aston Martin Works it has since become the torchbearer for our Heritage division,” said Andy Palmer, CEO of Aston Martin.

“It’s immensely satisfying and wholly appropriate that this historic, yet state-of-the-art facility should now form a key part of our expansion. Together with Gaydon and our all-new production facility at St Athan—which is progressing towards completion—it’s my pleasure to see production officially return to Newport Pagnell,” he added.




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