A Mustang Story sadder than John Wick’s

If you watched the movies John Wick, Chapters 1 and 2, you’d know that his beloved Ford Mustang 1969 was stolen by gangsters, and he took back his car because that was all he had left of his wife after she passed away.

Sadly, a similar story happened in real life in Missouri. The story involves Nino Welcome, a seven-year-old kid whose rare genetic disorder (Lesch-Nyhan syndrome) has him confined to a wheelchair, and may very well for the rest of his life.

A few months ago, Nino got a Mustang for his seventh birthday. He must have loved his present enormously, but the worst thing imaginable happened – while the family was sleeping, some jackass broke the Mustang’s window and tossed in a lit firework, and the Mustang was burnt to a crisp.

It’s not just any Mustang, but a classic Mustang 1970, restored by Nino’s grandfather.

“Vandalism and things like that aren’t random to the people it impacts,” Nino’s father, Brett Welcome, told KY3 News, as reported by The Drive.

“Aside from saying some choice words about ‘those idiots being in big trouble’, Nino has taken the news like a brave boy,” Brett wrote on Facebook. “It might be funny to throw fireworks into somebody’s vehicle, but when you destroy the happiness and the very thing that a disabled seven-year-old boy loves, it’s wicked. It’s disgusting.”

Well, we would use harsher words than “idiots” or “jackass”, but we’re not allowed to put them in black and white. Hope they catch those (censored) soon.

images: wednesdaysheroes.co; www.carscoops.com

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