A Multi-Million Dollar Garage That’s To Die For

Ever heard of a garage that is climate-controlled and can house 25 cars? We bet you have. But have you heard of a garage that, apart from the above, has a bedroom, three bathrooms, a seating area and a raised viewing podium? Now, that we bet you haven’t.

This 7,000-foot enclave in Malibu is the home of Steve and Azita Goldman. Located on an acre in the Point Dume neighborhood, this one-of-a-kind garage comes with temperature control, humidity control, dust control and get this—anti-bacterial control.

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By the way, Steve is a double Masters Championship winner in the Pirelli Porsche racing series. He said this of the beloved adobe that he and Azita designed and developed:

“Our concept was to create a purpose-built facility just for cars. I’m an engineer by training and was the CEO of a high-tech company for many years, so technology is my forte. I contacted curators of museums and asked them, ‘How do you keep a painting for 1,000 years.’

“What I learned was that it’s all about controlling humidity and temperature, humidity being the most important element. This facility is essentially on par with a hospital operating room with its temperature control, humidity control, dust control, and anti-bacterial control functions.”


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Paraded in their showroom are fourteen exotics. Among them are a 2001 Ferrari 360 Challenge, a red 2002 Ferrari 360 GT, and a 600 hp Ruf Turbo Coupe Wide Body made specifically for Goldman.

“The research that I did suggested that what damages rubber, belts, and plastic components are fluctuating humidity levels. At high levels, humidity gets absorbed into these materials, and then it evacuates when levels are low,” Goldman explained.

Image credit – www.carthrottle.com

He got Bob Faieta, owner of Competition Motorsports, to build him a 1,000 hp, dry-sump engine from Lingenfelter that generates 1,000 ft lbs of torque.

In the meantime, if you’ve got US$10 million dollars lying around, this is a pretty good investment, no?


Image credit – www.salomondrin.com
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