A Mercedes for the Fairway, not the Freeway

Life has just gotten a little more luxurious for golfers after Mercedes unveiled the latest addition to its range – a vehicle that will be more at home on your local fairway than the freeway. Dubbed the Golf Car, it is reputed to be the golf cart to beat all golf carts. A lofty claim indeed.

The Golf Car is manufactured from carbon fibre and equipped with leather upholstery, state-of-the-art LED headlights, a fridge, a place to put your balls (golf ones, that is), GPS and even a heated windscreen; the last one definitely being a case of absolute overkill. The official name of the beastie is also a bit of a mouthful – The Mercedes Benz Style Edition Garia Golf Car; altogether too long to emblazon across the back of the vehicle.

The GPS system featured with the Golf Car is a dashboard-mounted 10.1-inch tablet with software that will allow you to access a map of the course, and keep your score and that of the other players in your flight. Apparently you can use the tablet to check the weather as well and stream music from the phone to the built-in speakers on the cart.

The Golf Car has been designed with the help of Garia, a luxury golf cart manufacturer, and will be powered by Li-ion batteries that offers a range of about 80 kilometres and a top speed of about 30kph. No price details have been released yet and if you are thinking of putting one on your Christmas list, then bad luck as it will not be available until next year.

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