A Car Story

Lily Ma writes a flexes her creative muscles with a story. We leave it to your imagination to interpret the underlying meaning.

Mr. Richard owns a beautiful grand car with a polished black body. This car is very proud, always thinking that other cars are shabby and scruffy.

One day, a yellow mini car moved into the neighbourhood, driven by a young girl. She was cute (both driver and car)! All the other cars in town greeted her by honking their horns loudly but the black car was too proud to speak to her…she was just another small vehicle and there were many others such as her in town. However, little did he realise, he began falling in love with her!

The black car started feeling jealous when other cars were friendly with the yellow mini and she was the belle of the town. He could not overcome his pride to talk to her. One day, the black car could not hold it in anymore. He honked angrily at her, scolding her for being talkative. The yellow car snapped, “You are a male chauvinist who can never understand friendship; you are a proud piece of cold steel. I like talking to all my friends!”

No one had ever dared speak to the black car in such a defiant manner. For the first time, loneliness seeped into his engine. He decided to change his attitude, to no longer be haughty; he became quite the agreeable car.

One day, Mr. Richard drove the black car past the young girl in her yellow mini car. The yellow car quickly planted a firm kiss on the black car’s cheek and sped off.

image: browseideas.com

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