5 Types of Drive-Thru’s in Malaysia

Some of us at Automology are old enough to remember the first drive-in in Malaysia, the iconic A&W in Petaling Jaya, that has become just a memory as the location has been earmarked for yet another likely forgettable office tower (boo!). It wasn’t a drive-thru per se, but we ordered and ate our coney dogs and root beers without ever having to leave the car. If you love your car as much as we do, you’d like to achieve as much as possible whilst INSIDE IT. Here are FIVE types of drive-thru’s that you can find in Malaysia:

Food, of course.

The most common drive-thru food outlet here is of course McDonald’s. According to its website, there are 144 drive-thru McD’s across the country. Although it is inadvisable, one of our writers admits to driving through just to buy a soft-serve sundae cone, and she proceeds to drive with only one hand on the steering wheel while devouring the ice cream before it melts all over the upholstery.

Starbucks drive-thru’s are only a recent addition in this here parts, but there are quite a number of it already in the Klang Valley and Johor Bahru, a few in Penang and along the North-South Highway. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone opened a drive-thru mamak or nasi lemak outlet? Think about it…


Yes, although not a novel idea in other parts of the world, but did you know that you could drive through some of our public health facilities to pick up your medicine, and therefore skip the parking and waiting for your number to be called. Patients do have to register for the service though, but a one time hassle means subsequent convenience. Kudos to our Ministry of Health for mooting the idea in the first place. Click here for the list of public health facilities with drive-thru pharmacy service.

Pos Laju (courier service).

Who wants to lug their packages for posting from the car to the post office? We don’t. Pos Laju has five drive-thru station, called Pos Laju EziDrive-Thru, at Bandar Baru Bangi, Putrajaya, Kelana Jaya and Shah Alam. There are plans to open more soon.

Hand Car Wash.

Sure, we have drive-thru automated car washes, although those are a rarity here. That’s because we’re very lucky to have very affordable hand car wash service here, commonly available at petrol stations and in shopping mall car parks. Although you can get out of the car before the workers get to spraying, soaping and scrubbing, it is perfectly fine to enjoy the entire process from inside the vehicle. But do tip them because you as good as breathed down their necks while they worked.

Car Service.

DTOX promises to “change your oil, not your schedule”. You can drive in and wait in the car or enjoy a cup of coffee while several mechanics work on it; 10 minutes later, the car is ready and you’re off. Well, that’s what the website says, anyway, but some customers have experienced longer service time during busy periods. None of us at Automology has tried it yet but the reviews are generally rather good. If any of you have been before, let us know whether thumbs up or down…

What other drive-thru’s do you frequent or wish existed? Let us know!

images: Hype My; HKL,The Star, DTOX FB,

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