5 Reasons Why Guys Like Classic Cars

Classic cars are, especially to our Automologist KEVIN, uber awesome. Being drawn to the classics got Kevin wondering why guys dig these gas-guzzling, not environmentally friendly and high-maintenance cars.

Modern cars are much quicker and reliable, and handle a hell of a lot better; they are very economical, safer, cheaper to maintain and far more comfortable. Despite all of these, the more painful to own, the better. Classic cars not only still exist, but are positively thriving. Many are being killed by rust yet their value continues to increase rapidly.

Let’s try and understand this. There was an era of automotive glory which spanned from as early as the 40’s right up to the 80’s, when some of the coolest, kick-ass cars of all time were designed and created very much in an physical world. Designers used pencil and paper to create elegant shapes and flowing lines that would just not be possible on the computer-based design software used by modern car designers. It was all done with emotions, a sharp eye and attention to detail.

If you are a guy who is into classic cars, you aren’t alone. The truth is, dudes who are into classic cars usually are buds with others who have similar interests. The same holds true for just about any hobby, I suppose, but I think this is particularly true about guys and cars. Here are five reasons why we love classic cars:

1. Fun To Restore

For a lot of guys, owning a classic car provides a fun hobby to work on, pure and simple. Part of this process involves hunting down old parts online, traveling to spare part shops, trolling the internet and making frequent trips to several old junkyards. And while some dudes can become obsessive in their pursuit of a part, like trying to find the header of a 1965 Triumph TR4, the activity itself does provide a meaningful outlet to discharge stress.

1964 Triumph TR4. Image: hemmings.com


2. Extension of the Guy

Another reason why a lot of guys are into classic cars, particularly men who own one, is fairly straightforward – the car is an extension of their personality.

Alfa Romeo 2000 GT Veloce. Image: alfabb.com

This makes absolute sense if you think about it. If a dude owns a car like a 1968 BMW E9 3.0 CSi or a 1972 Alfa Romeo 2000 GT Veloce, there’s a very good chance that that guy has an assertive personality, or at least wants to project one. Those cars are all about power and aggression. They are also just really cool to look at.

As an aside, I’ve never bought into the stereotype that guys have muscle cars because they are trying come off as “more masculine” (same goes for guys who ride motorcycles). That’s just BS. The truth is, most guys are into a particular type of vehicle because they dig it. It is not a penis extension compensation thing going on here.

BMW E9 3.0CSi


3. Liberating

Some people may disagree with this point, but I’m still going to write about this because that’s what I’ve observed. Classic cars represent freedom – personal freedom. A choice to choose and express. You will notice that classic car owners will always have an over-the-top reason or story as to why they chose the cars they own. It can be anything from “my dad used to own one”, “my first shag in the car” to “a childhood dream”.

For example, when you jump into a 1963 Mercedes Benz 300 SL gullwing, you are instantly transported back in time to when Rock & Roll ruled and speed was king. And so when you slam on the accelerator pedal of the ’63 300 SL’s 3.0-litre overhead cam six engine, you’d soon recognize the definition of true power, which is super liberating. It was the fastest production car for its time, producing 175bhp and accelerating to a top speed of 260kmh. Pretty impressive, no? Well, no matter, if you had this car, you would have been popular with the ladies.

1963 Mercedes Benz 300 SL gullwing

4. Classic Cars Grab Attention

When you see a really cool classic car, like the one below, you can’t help but stare and drool. The 1970 Jaguar E Type demands attention. With its sleek lines and curvaceous body, you won’t be able to resist a wet dream……Why? Because classic cars like this Jag are super unique. With its long overhang and very short rear, you rarely see cars with these kind of design cues anymore, and that’s why they grab attention. But most of all, a lot of guys like the Jaguar E-Type as it serves as a kind of babe magnet. Yep – some people think the car itself makes the guy “sexy”. It did back then and it still does now. The statement may sound sexist, but the truth is that many women are attracted to guys who own these cars. 4. Classic Cars Grab Attention

1970 Jaguar E Type
5. Classic Cars are Just Cool

The final and perhaps most obvious point is this – classic cars are totally cool. Yeah, I know there are a lot of people who preach about how dangerous some of these cars were and how they promoted unsafe driving. I hear that. But that doesn’t mean these classic cars weren’t cool. Whenever I see a really amazing classic car or even a modern classic like something even as late at 1984, it instantly hypnotizes me. Something like the 1984 Mitsubishi Starion below. One can barely see any of these on the road these days.

Old cars still get my attention, it just does. Now, it’s time to look for an old Mini Copper as a project car…

Image: The Telegraph


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