5 Car Tips for Rainy Days

If you’re living in the same part of the world as us, the rainy season is here. Here are five essential must-dos/must-haves for every car owner:

1) Hose down your car

If you’re lazy like this writer, you’d hope you can get away with not washing your car because, hey, isn’t the rain doing the work for you? Well, you hope in vain. If you live in a particularly polluted area, like most cities, the raindrops pick up pollutants on the way down and settle on your car. Acidic deposits are unkind to paint and metallic surfaces, which pretty much make up most of your car’s exterior. Most people can’t afford the time for a post-rain car wash every time, but a quick hose down with water is good enough.

 We said after…AFTER the rain.

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2) Clean your windshield & change your wiper blades

The rain already reduces visibility so we must do everything to help it. Do your wiper blades squeak and leave streaks? If it’s because of dirt on your windshield and blade, then clean them (duh). If it’s because the rubber on the wiper blades is damaged, toss ’em and get new ones (duuuh).

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3) Check your tyres

High speeds on wet roads could lead to hydroplaning (imagine your car gliding on water, but you’re NOT in control). It’s important to have tyres that still have sufficient tread depth to maintain a grip on the road surface. Many manufacturers have incorporated a tread wear indicator into the tyre design—when the tyre has worn down and become flush with these bars (pictured below), it’s time to change it.

image credit: goodyearautoservice.com


4) Check your lights & know which ones to use

It’s not uncommon to have busted headlights/taillights without us realising, because, well, we’re inside the car when they are lit. Just have a friend stand outside to look as you test them.

Also, Malaysians don’t appear to know which lights to turn on in the rain (here’s a hint: NOT the hazard lights).

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5) Get some rain accessories

Here’s where you can have a bit of fun shopping for your car: non-slip pedals, rubber floor mats, rubber tray for the boot, car dehumidifier, microfibre cloth to wipe down the interior if it gets wet, and a car umbrella…no, we don’t mean an umbrella that you keep in your car; we mean this:

 Ridiculous and absolutely unnecessary, you say?

You don’t love your car enough, we say.

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