23 of the Funniest Bumper Stickers Ever!

1. The Mom Jokes.


But you haven’t seen my mom.
Shouldn’t my Mom be riding YOU?


 2. The Wife Jokes.

One has too many…one has none.

How about a reward for keeping her away?

3. The Girlfriend Jokes.

If my girlfriend makes that kind of noises, you can have her.

4. The Husband Jokes.

Daddy’s been bad.

5. The Dad Jokes.

We know how you feel.

6. Bet the guy who owns the car above wished he had this one instead…

7. Excuses…


…but one as good as any.

8. The self-deprecating stick figures.


We’ve heard worse kids’ names before.

9. For the Big Bang Theory fans.

Remember the episode in which Sheldon stripped inside Howard’s Countryman?

10. The “Don’t Drive Too Close” Warnings.


The virginal car.
Calling a spade a spade.


Sorry not sorry.

11. Since the US election is near…

Wrong Clinton, though.
And here’s one from a conservative.

12. Not exactly a bumper sticker, but too good to not include.

13. A message for all the Prius drivers behind you.

Basically an “up your” to all hemp-trouser-wearing environmentalists.

14. A very manly car though…


15. Dragging religion into it.


16. What’s that, Officer?


17. And finally, some amazing foresight.



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