22 Funniest Road Signs Around the World


There are two theories as to how this road got its name: in the first, an unfortunate woman had her tongue cut out to prevent her from reporting on the illegal on-goings here; the second and more probable one is that a mute female apothecary used to dispense her herbal remedies here.



This doesn’t really exists, but there’s an actual Broken Camel Toe Road in Egypt.

Hurts just to think about it.



This road was rumoured to have been named after George Wong, the last Chinatown resident in Riverside, California. It has since been renamed Wong Street.



When you have given up thinking of something creative…



This road is located in Conisbrough, England where the neighbourhood’s water butt used to be housed. It was before the abbreviated version of “buttocks” became a common reference for the derriere. The residents lobbied for the name to be changed, after they were tired of being the “butt” of jokes, being refused services and seeing tourists take pictures with the sign with their exposed behinds. It has been renamed the less amusing Archer’s Way.



Time stands still here?



Bell End is a village in Worcestershire…and also a slang term for the bulbous tip at the end of the penis.



Might as well kill your engine and wait till they finish crossing…in about five months.



Fornicate with animals on another road.


Burying the evidence in progress.



Either you’re not allowed to dance on the grass or the grass is electrified.



A new take on the “trapped in fortune cookie factory” joke.



You say that as if it’s a bad thing.



True dat.



This leads to Ididitmy Way.



We knew it!



But what if he’s cute?!



Maybe the warning sign was too low for the pilot to see?


This is for real. Goa Way Road is located in Hedgeville, West Virginia, USA. Guess they are not very welcoming.



All roads (in life) really lead to…



Unfortunate (or fortuitous?) fading.

When you think about it, there’s also a canal involved in anal.


We suspect that the alligators put the sign up.

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