When Possible, Make A U-Turn...Oops

We nowadays rely on the sat-nav on our smartphones to guide us around, even on the roads (maps? what are those?). But they are not always ...

We nowadays rely on the sat-nav on our smartphones to guide us around, even on the roads (maps? what are those?). But they are not always reliable. Automologist MAC shows us some instances when sat-navs go wrong.

We all have become totally reliant on sat-nav to guide us on our journeys and, frankly, it is a great way to get from A to B without the arguments that I witnessed as a kid, as my mum tried valiantly but in vain to fathom which road we should be on while my father gradually lost his temper at her inability to read a map. Millenials will have no idea what I am talking about here as they rely on their smartphone's sat-navs to guide them along their journey. In a way, I feel sorry for them, but then again, sat-navs are not infallible as the following pictures of some great sat-nav fails show.

Some tourists get stuck in the sand after the sat-nav told them that the beach was a good short cut. According to reports it took three hours to dig them out.

The Department of Transport reports that last year alone, at least GBP200 million of damage was caused by drivers following the sat-nav. Perhaps it is time to change the driving test.

My heart goes out to the 91-year-old driver who followed her sat-nav onto the bollards, where she got wedged.

Here a truck is wedged under a 2,000-year old Roman arch in the UK. Bits of the arch were knocked off, but luckily it remained standing for future generations to see, and perhaps drive into.

Yes, that is a brand new Panamera sitting in the middle of a bog in a remote forest. Apparently the owner is a Premier League footballer by the name of Andre Wisdom (no, I am not making this up) who was directed down the track by his sat-nav...

Looking more than a little like a large dog trying to get through a small cat flap, this truck became inexorably wedged in the small lane where it remained for a number of hours before the recovery guys could figure out how to remove it.

The driver of this BMW was fined for careless driving, which would seem to add insult to injury as far as I am concerned.

Or this couple that were directed into a river by their sat-nav...allegedly.

In some places, there have been so many errors the local authorities have had to take steps to limit access by placing signs.

Frustrated residents have taken up ‘arms’ to try and stop some of the more glaring problems.

Some of them are a little funny as well.

And some...well...errrrrr.


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