Porsche Opens 100th Showroom in China

The ‘Porsche Studio’ at the heart of Guangzhou. The guys from Stuttgart recently opened their 100th showroom in Guangzhou, China. The ...

The ‘Porsche Studio’ at the heart of Guangzhou.

The guys from Stuttgart recently opened their 100th showroom in Guangzhou, China. The spanking new ‘Porsche Studio’, located in a luxury shopping mall, offers customers a unique brand experience and an exploration of the brand's complete range of services, both in person and in virtual formats.

“In recent years, China has become Porsche’s largest single market. Our four-door sports cars are especially popular in Asia but demand for our two-seater models is also increasing rapidly,” says Detlev von Platen, Member of the Executive Board responsible for Sales and Marketing at Porsche AG.

China has already become the most important market for the 718 models. In the first three quarters of 2017, more than 5,100 Boxster and Cayman vehicles were delivered in China. 

With 460 square metres of space, the new centre has an exhibition area for new vehicles. Using an iPad and various clay models from the Design Studio, all five model lines offered by the sports car manufacturer can be visualised and customised in the customer’s preferred colour.

“Porsche Studio Guangzhou represents Porsche’s innovative and forward-thinking strategy,” said Franz Jung, President and CEO of Porsche China. “It combines the traditional Porsche spirit with the power of new technology. In China’s increasingly volatile and dynamic business environment, we believe that such futuristic digital offerings will strengthen the brand, encourage creative customer experiences and attract new partners.”

Porsche is also extending the driving offers available to current and prospective customers at a Porsche Experience Centre in Shanghai, slated to open second quarter of 2018.

Let your creative juices flow.

This is the sports car manufacturer’s sixth Experience Centre, after Atlanta, Leipzig, Silverstone, Le Mans and Los Angeles, which offers classic race track modules and an off-road course. Visitors can experience Porsche sports cars on the race track as well as putting them through their paces on rougher terrains.

“Although we live in a digital age, the ability to offer a true driving experience has not lost any of its significance for Porsche—quite the opposite in fact,” adds von Platen. "Our experience centres in Europe and America are an important part of our sales landscape. Opening another site in Asia is a logical step given the increasing importance of this market region.”


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