The Lamborghini Terzo Millennio

A bodyshell that doubles as a battery? Self-healing carbon-fiber construction?  Sheer magnificence. Image credit: Wh...

A bodyshell that doubles as a battery? Self-healing carbon-fiber construction?

 Sheer magnificence.

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Whenever Lamborghini launches a new model, it leaves us entranced, but this new concept has us drooling on top of that. We want it on the streets ASAP.

Lamborghinis are road-going rockets, with styling that makes them look like they could break the sound barrier many times over, and innovations in engineering that would excite aerospace engineers. And, of course, make their rivals go berserk!

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This concept by Lamborghini, who teamed up with the famed Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), aims to us give a glimpse of the future. Lamborghini’s R&D professionals worked together with Professor Mircea Dinca from MIT’s Department of Chemistry and Professor Anastasios John Hart from the Department of Mechanical Engineering to bring us this concept.

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Terzo Millennio means “Third Millennium” and is a compilation of many innovative ideas that could come to fruition in the future. An ultra lightweight structure was created to make the car as aerodynamically efficient as it can be. Electric motors are housed in each of the four wheels to use with advanced supercapacitors and energy storage built into the bodyshell.

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Not only is high peak power achieved, but fast recharging and effective regeneration by way of kinetic energy too. The idea is for the body panels themselves to double as the battery, instead of some large heavy piece. The vision is powered by carbon fibre nanotubes, batteries malleable enough to be shaped, thin enough to be sandwiched between outer and inner layers (so you don’t get electrocuted), and yet be able to cater to the insane power demands of a four-motor EV super sports car.

Apart from converting the body into an “accumulator for energy storage", the carbon fibre construction will help keep weight extremely low. If one is concerned with the carbon fibre breaking or cracking, there’s an answer to this challenge—it ‘heals’ itself.

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The car will be able to self monitor the whole carbon fibre structure and detect cracks or damage. Now, here’s the interesting bit—if there is any fracture detected, micro-channels filled with "healing chemistries" will repair the structure. Genius! If any of these ideas are applied to road-going Lambos in the near future, it’ll be one giant leap for the supercars of this world.

When a group of brilliant engineers and designers are put together and given a blank canvas, the result can be astonishing. Thus, the Lamborghini Terzo Millennio. Feast your eyes on this irresistible artistry.

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