Porsche 360 Financing: Lower Repayments, Assured Resale Value

Image credit : www.porscherichmond.com  Everything Porsche does is seamless, from design to driving experience. In line with this, Sim...

Image credit : www.porscherichmond.com 

Everything Porsche does is seamless, from design to driving experience. In line with this, Sime Darby Performance Auto (SDPA) has created a financial package so that you can effortlessly own your dream machine. This programme was introduced when the Porsche 911 GT3 was launched a couple of days ago, providing flexible terms as well as lower monthly repayments.

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“The Porsche 360 Financing Programme is another initiative in our continuous effort to offer customers a more unique and even more flexible ownership experience,” said Arnt Bayer, Chief Executive Officer of SDPA. “Porsche owners can now experience a new Porsche model every three to five years without worrying about their financing commitment or the resale value of their vehicle. To drive a Porsche and upgrade to the newest model on a regular basis? It does not get much better than that.”

“We believe the lower monthly payments are really attractive for our customers. They can now finance a new Macan with a 90% loan margin for 5 years and only pay around RM 6,000 in their monthly instalments,” he added.

Do note, however, this financial package is available for all units except the ‘GT’ and special limited edition models. Firstly, a customer can opt for a financing period of three, four or five years; then the assured resale is established according to specifications and models.

Image credit - www.porschemalaysia.com

The programme is structured so that the remaining loan amount is generally lower than the assured resale value of the vehicle. The Porsche owner would then receive the balance payment that could go towards the down-payment for a new vehicle, making it a fuss-free transition to his/her next new Porsche. (Seamless, we said. Seamless)

At the end of the financing duration, customers have three options:

  1. Trade in the vehicle at any Authorised Porsche Pre-Owned Centre at the assured resale value (then buy another Porsche with the moolah—see previous paragraph).
  2. Extend the financing programme or nix the tenure by settling the outstanding loan balance in full.
  3. Return the vehicle without any additional commitments*

*except for any potential excess mileage charges and the vehicle being subject to fair wear and tear.

For the assured resale value to be upheld, owners must service and maintain their Porsches at one of three Authorised Porsche Service Centres in KL or Penang; as all Porsche cars come with a four-year warranty and four-year complimentary maintenance package—including service, parts and labour—this is already taken care of. The warranty can be extended up to nine years. So with that, go get your Porsche. 


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