These GIFs sum up How We Get Out of a Car

Believe it or not, there IS a proper way to get out of (and into) a car. If you're interested, we'll add a boring instructional video at the bottom of this page to show you. But if you're like us, then you get out of your car however you like to. Take a look at these GIFs of people getting out of the car...any of them ring a bell?

1. When we do that collar flip because we think we're cool like James Dean.


2. When we forget to glance behind to see if there is an oncoming car.


3. When you've just waxed your legs.

Or, if you don't wax and don't wear dresses but...

4. You know/think there are people watching.

Incidentally, this is exactly how NOT to get out of the car. You're still young and beautiful, Harry, but one day your knees will feel the effects of your one-legged exits.

If you can bring yourself to stop looking at Harry to go on to number 5...

5. When you experience a misstep and pretend nothing happened and hope no one saw.

6. When you want to surprise your friends. Or scare the shit out of them.

via Tumblr.

Don't we all wish we could jump out of our cars naked? No? Moving on...

7. When you feel like a hero...better yet, a BOLLYWOOD HERO.

You say "illogical", we say this is how we "feel" sometimes, so just let it go and enjoy the special effects.

And last but not least...

8. When we are suddenly clumsy like a two-year-old.

via Camryonbronze.

Are you more kewl or kelam-kabut when you get out of a car? 


Oh, here's the boring but informative video we promised. It shows you how to avoid putting unnecessary stress on your hip joints and knees, which some of us older folks would appreciate (are you seeing this, Harry?):


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