Ghost Rider spotted in France

Going viral on Youtube this week is a strange video of a Ghost Motorbike cruising down the motorway, just outside of Paris, without a rider. The video that has freaked out some netizens clearly shows a rider-less motorbike driving in a straight line along the central reservation of the A4 Motorway.

The mystery though is less supernatural and most definitely not ghost-related, and more to do with careless driving. Apparently, the real and very much alive rider had been involved in a collision just moments before the video commenced.

Apparently, rider-less motorbikes are less of a rarity than you may think and it is quite possible for a bike to continue on its way for some distance, especially if the bike has a low centre of gravity. Apparently, the real rider of the bike was taken to hospital by the driver with whom he had collided and apart from a slight arm injury, he is in good condition. No report on whether he has been able to find his bike yet though.



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