Cars Beats Wonder Woman

Cars or women, we're not sure which our Automologist MAC loves more...but there's something, or rather a few little someones, whom he loves more than both.

In the US of A, over this Father’s Day weekend, there was a heated race to be the biggest film of the weekend and by all accounts it would appear that Disney/Pixar’s Cars 3 was first over the finishing line, bumping Wonder Woman off the top of the podium in the process.

I am sure that a lot of the Fathers would have secretly wished that they were watching Wonder Woman, but of course on Father’s Day, most of us feel this strange need to be a perfect father for the day and thus take the kids to the film that they want to see.

I know in my household that even my two-year-old is already excited to go and see the third instalment of the Cars franchise, again voiced by Owen Wilson, even though he hasn’t seen the first two films. The only thing that I really hope I can achieve, though, is to keep him away from the Cars display in the local Toy’s R US. The prices are killer and you got to buy the complete set....enjoy the trailer.


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