Baywatch-worthy Automated Buoy

If you've grown up in the nineties watching Baywatch, you'd be familiar with the red buoys that the lifeguards use to help save lives. If you did not, it's that thing that Pamela Anderson is holding in her hand (her hands are down there, boys).

Noras Performance has come up with a battery-powered lifesaving device called U-Save, which can be remotely controlled to drive towards drowning swimmers and is powerful enough to drag the victim back to safety:

Does this mean that the world does not need Pamela Anderson-looking lifeguards? Of course not! But this automated buoys would certainly help in situations that could even endanger the lives of the lifeguards.

Not exactly The Hoff, but he'll do.

A Baywatch remake is due to be released in May and features the same ol' lifeless buoys, but maybe in the next one, the automated buoy could play the hero.


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