Matt LeBlanc to eat Horse Penis

Automologist MAC did not think much of the Top Gear reboot last year...and still doesn't think much of it now. 

matt leblanc reid and harris
LeBlanc, Reid and Harris to find some of road kill. 

It seems like ages since I have written anything about Top Gear, probably because Chris Evans at the helm the show was Dire spelt with a capital D. So now after a year of plummeting ratings, it would appear that the venerable Beeb (the BBC to none Brits) is looking more towards the tabloid end of the market than ever before for inspiration.

Are you saying Awful or Offal?

According to reports surfacing on the World Wide Web, the trio of presenters that remain, namely Messrs LeBlanc, Reid and Harris, had to film a scene in which they ate a number of ‘gruesome’ animal parts. Of course I am at a loss as to how gruesome animal parts and cars go together, unless we are talking road kill of course (and of course we are not because if you hit a horse with your car, it would be the car that loses) but at least it got us to start blogging about the failing show again.

It was Chris Harris who spilled the beans about the filming of the scene to the Star newspaper in the UK, he is quoted as saying: “The weirdest thing I saw? I saw Matt try and eat a part of a horse that would normally be used in some sort of reproductive process….” Apparently Reid thought that eating pig's face was weird so obviously he has never been to a restaurant in Guangzhou, China then.

The surviving trio will be given equal billing for the show when it recommences on BBC2, following the departure of Evans, and of course the hope is that they will be able to recover the ratings lost whilst the ginger one was at the helm. Under Evans, the ratings fell from just about seven million, when Clarkson, Hamilton and May wove their own particular blend of mayhem, down to just under two million. We will wait with bated breath.


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